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Bakers Pride – Il Forno Classico FC-816 and Y800 Brick Pizza Ovens – Used

January 18th, 2016 · No Comments

If your looking to separate yourself from the competition in your pizza business & your business involves high volume pizza sales you must see these awesome brick pizza ovens.

  Bakers Pride – the Il Forno Classico FC-816 top oven & Y-800 bottom. These are world renowned brick pizza ovens that will produce you a top quality product and increase your production time.. Dont believe me hunt down a pizzeria that uses these style ovens and notice the difference in quality and taste compared to Blodgett ovens which are everywhere..

More info please call – 860-481-4491

Take a look at this nice used set just in – they can be covered by veneer, stone, brick, tile to your liking to match your restaurant / pizzeria decor


These two ovens and canopy exhaust hood – only $12,000

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Product Description :

This Bakers Pride FC-816 IL Forno Classico brick oven ( on top ) combines the ambiance of the old world brick oven with the convenience, control, and precision of modern technology. It’s perfect for use in display kitchens and for exhibition cooking!

The Bakers Pride IL Forno Classico features a steel-reinforced, arched open hearth with a visible 20,000 BTU open flame burner. Additionally, another 120,000 BTU gas dual burner provides thermostatically-controlled temperatures with independent top and bottom heat controls for perfectly balanced results.

Heavy-duty, slide-out flame diverters provide even heat distribution within the high-heat resistant 16 gauge aluminized steel interior. A fully-insulated, spring-balanced door offers easy access to your prized culinary creations.

The Bakers Pride FC-816 IL Forno Classico gas deck oven is designed with a combination gas control valve, pilot safety, and pressure regulator. Rear gas and electrical connections standard.

The Bakers Pride FC-816 IL Forno Classico is CE and NSF Listed. 7-gauge legs with casters standard. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details, measurements, and installation requirements. Gas.

The bottom oven is Bakers Pride Y-800 and here is the info:

Bakers Pride Y-800 Super Deck Y Series gas single deck pizza oven. Its easy-to-clean heavy-gauge, type 403 stainless steel exterior is fully insulated for cooler outer temperatures and consistent interior temperatures.

Using 120,000 BTU of natural or LP gas, this unit easily cooks your foods between 300 and 650 degrees Fahrenheit within its high-heat resistant 16-gauge aluminized steel interior. Its dual doors are fully insulated and spring balanced with tubular steel handles for easy open/close.

This unit is designed with an 8″ interior deck height with 1 1/2″ thick hearth baking decks. Its interior oven frame is constructed of a fully-welded 1/4″ angle iron frame.

The Bakers Pride Y-800 single deck pizza oven uses a combination gas control that incorporates a manual gas valve, pilot safety, and pressure regulator. Its easily removable, slide-out heavy-duty flame diverters distribute the burner flame uniformly in the burner chamber.

For unmatched cooking results, this Bakers Pride Y-800 features independent top and bottom heat control dampers and micro slides for the ultimate in heat control.

NSF, CSA, and CE Listed. For additional specifications, measurements, and installation requirements, please consult the Specification Sheet.

Overall Dimensions:

If your looking for another model like Bakers Pride model Y600, Y800, Fc-516 or FC-616 – used , pre-owned, or refurbished brick pizza ovens give us a call..


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