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Keating Miraclean Grill Griddle 48 Inch 3 Phase Electric – Used

September 21st, 2009 · No Comments

Keating Miraclean Grill Griddle 48 Inch 3 Phase Electric – Used

This Grill Griddle is Thermostatically Controlled and is

4 ft long x 24″ Deep – in Excellent Condition

Why Pay $ 7300 + for a New One..

Our Price $ 3850.00

Call Today – 860-481-4491

Keating Miraclean® Griddles are the Best to Cook On, the Best to Own!

The Miraclean® surface means:

  • A cooler kitchen.
    The heat transmission from the griddle surface into the air around the griddle is less than 10% of a conventional “steel plate griddle”. That means less heat into the kitchen and happier employees.
  • Lower energy costs.
    In an independent research study commissioned by a major utility, it was found that Miraclean® Griddles reduced energy use by 30%. That converts to savings of about $400.00 per year on the operation of a 3-foot griddle in average use.
  • Easier, cooler cooking.
    The Miraclean® surface transfers heat more efficiently where you want it – to the food. Heat is maintained in the griddle plate. You can cook at lower temperatures, faster with less shrinkage, and control caramelization of food better than conventional griddles.
  • Honest, pure food taste.
    The smooth Miraclean® chrome surface keeps flavors and food particles from being trapped as they are in steel plate griddles. The surface virtually eliminates flavor migration. This morning’s pancakes will not tast like last night’s liver and onions.
Far easier cleanup than conventional steel plate griddles.

Download the Miraclean® Griddle Brochure

Download Specification Sheets

Watch Miraclean® Video

Call Today – 860-481-4491

It’s not just talk. Extensive testing at the University of Illinois has shown that foodservice employees can clean the Miraclean® Griddle in 44% less time than a typical competitor’s steel surface model! This labor savings is both a boost to the bottom line and a way to keep kitchen morale high.

View the Miraclean VideoBy overwhelming margins, employees in the testing preferred the Miraclean® over the other griddle for ease of cleaning and brighter appearance after cleaning.

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